How to create the Ultimate Business Travel Approval Workflow?

The list of features and benefits of business travel approval workflow

Creating business travel approval workflow is one of the most crucial steps in preparing the organization for an efficient and effective Business travel management system.  It offers many benefits concerning better traveler experience, reduced work burden for the travel admins desk and savings for the organization. The CFO’s usually form a small working group from the respective department; HR and Travel Admin to assess their current business travel workflow and redesign it.  However, the best advice can come from Corporate Travel Management Solutions providers who are experts in designing a process based on the best practices and the organization’s need for customization.

Following are the 5 imperatives to create the best travel management workflow.

Design a comprehensive travel request form :

This is the originating step. Here the employee who is traveling for business has to raise a request giving details like date, destination, the purpose of travel.

Create a Travel Approval Matrix :

 After a travel request has been set up, it moves to the Superiors’ (Approving Authority) for approval.  Their role is to verify if the travel is for genuine business purpose and there is no out of policy booking made. Also, there can be various possibilities of approval flow. It can be Multilayer: Employee has to get approval from more than one superiors or Multimode: For a specific mode of transport, the approval authority designates to a particular superior. The CFO should have access to the MIS(daily / weekly) to track delays in approval,  budget vs. actuals and deviations.  System based alerts can save CFO’s precious time. This review opens up the goldmine of savings in the Travel Management head.  

Automate your Travel Approval  Workflow

Automated workflows can make the entire approval process almost real-time. All can access information along with time and date stamp. It makes the whole process interactive wherein if the superior wants the employee to reschedule his itinerary, and the alert goes to the employee instantly. It also ensures all the steps in the travel management approval process and company policies adhere before the travel proceeds for booking.

 Create a multi-device interface for a great traveler experience:

 In today’s fast-paced world, enabling multiple device interfaces like mobile, laptop and tabs go a long way in offering convenience to the traveler and making the process faster.

 Must have features into your company’s travel approval system:

  • Self-booking tool
  • Dashboards that provide vital information at one glance
  • Notification for lower fare availability.
  • Email alerts for approvals.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • One-click statements
  • Multiple language support
  • Policy compliance and non-compliance triggers
  • Reports of missed savings due to delay in approval

By optimizing the travel approval process and placing controls corporates are saving 7% annually on their business travel spend. To more how you can join the league, contact us for a free consultation.

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