Centralise your business travel program and empower your employees to plan and book their travel


Book your business travel instantly through our booking engine:

Our booking engine is connected to global distribution systems, airline reservations system, hotel reservation system, consolidator web sites, car rental companies. The booking engine provides you direct access to different travel suppliers globally and also provides you the flexibility to search, book and issue ticket instantly. Employees will be able to plan and book services such as air, hotel, cars, bus, rail and also avail ancillary services such as visa, passport, forex and travel insurance.

Built in multi level workflow:

Automate and alert your travel or trip approver with not just necessity to travel but also the cost associated with it. With our multi level and multi travel mode work flow engine employees and approvers will be able to efficiently plan and approve travel requests. The system also has the ability to track the losses resulting due to delay in approvals.

Ensure complete enforcement of travel policy:

Enforcement of travel policy is a major concern for management. Our travel policy engine can be configured to ensure 100% policy compliance. The policy level settings can be configured based on band/grade, designation, department, location or title.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of travel spend through our reporting engine

Custom reports engine enables companies to access data to measure the effectiveness of their travel program. Analytical reports will help companies quantify losses resulting due to buying behavior of their employees. Booking lead time, opportunity loss, cost of approval are some of the many reports available through the solution.

Track your travel spending through the live dashboard

Live dashboard highlights areas of concerns to management when analyzing travel spend. The data when instantly available highlights the effectiveness of a travel program in real time.

Manage your vendors through Atyourprice

Our solution provides companies the ability to upload all corporate negotiated local contracts and rates for vendors that fall outside the solution. The ability to access these vendors through a single solution enhances the employee experience and reduces multiple touch points.
Desktop connect with airline, hotel, and car - Integrations of AtYourPrice

Instant invoice & credit note

Our system generates a detailed invoice/credit note for each transaction along with a statement of transactions that can also be retrieved instantly. The importance of transparent billing/refund can never be overstated.

HRM integration

Integration with HRM tools will ensure employee profile data and their corresponding approval hierarchy are updated in a timely manner.

We are always available 24x7x365

Our experienced consultants are ready to serve your last minute or emergency travel needs through our 24x7x365 back office support center (email &voice).

Global access

Enable employees and approvers to access our travel management solution anytime or from any place. Our solution is hosted on some of the most robust and secure cloud servers in the world.
A Globe connected with people illustrating the safe and secure global access of AtYourPrice

Single sign on

Our business travel solution can be easily integrated through the company intranet using a single sign on tool such as NT or AD server. This ensures that only authenticated users are allowed access to access the travel solution.

Duty of care

The role of a business travel solution is not just to help book travel but also to ensure that information is provided to concerned departments as to where their respective employees are located at any time especially during emergencies. Our solution provides an interface to track your employee’s movements domestically as well as internationally.
A Plant With Watering Can representing the preventive means for carbon emission


Our solution will help you measure the amount of carbon emission your business travel program has caused helping you offset that using your CSR program.

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