How to prevent jet lag from decreasing your business productivity?


Rachael was all prepared, and on that big day just before the ShowTime, she dozed off. What is wrong with her? After all this struggle for a whole year, how can her mind and body were not cooperating with her at this time? – Is your story somewhere similar to this? Don’t worry you are at the right place if jet lag is what cause you all the trouble.

Jet lag is a common phenomenon to the air travelers who need to travel from a time zone to a different time zone. This biological phenomenon cause to happen sleep disorders (You may feel sleepy in the daytime and simultaneously be awake at night). This happens cause our body follows a 24hour clock, which tells us when is the morning or when is the afternoon, depending on our exposure to sunlight. This disruption in 24 hours clock, results in sleep disorder. And before you identify any effect, the lack of full sleep affects your cognitive and innovative skills. Other attributes like a headache, exhaustion, indigestion, and sleepy feelings make your brain dull when you need it the most, and in turn, your efficiency and productivity suffers. As our productivity and performance level minutely relate to our body, we should take proper steps such that any critical business opportunity should not suffer due to jet lag. These are few of the steps which can help you to cope up with the jet lag stress:

Arrive couple of days before your Big day

Don’t arrive just on before your Big day. Instead, you can make your travel couple of days before at least 24 hours before such that, you can get proper rest, which may not eliminate the jet lag but at least help you to keep up your efficiency.

Evolution in yourself: Try to adopt the new time zone beforehand

Before traveling to new time zone, you can try to cope up with it, by living like you have been in the new place. This will sufficiently eliminate your jet lag without any delay after the journey. Like if you will be going to eastward, you should try an early rise and vice versa for a trip to the west side. But you may suffer some inconsistency while trying to cope up due to mismatched lifestyle.

Plan the timings carefully

You can schedule your journey to such hours, which you usually use for sleep (like at night) so that you can use the ideal flight time to sleep. Hence the required time to get back your productivity will be reduced.

Synchronize your asset

Don’t forget to synchronize your watch with the destination time zone while boarding your flight.

Exercise is key to fitness

You can use a little bit of exercise before and after reaching the destination to ensure timely sleep.

It is not the right time to get high

Avoid excessive alcohol or caffeinate product before going to sleep as they may cause you to oversleep or may prevent you from getting a proper sleep.

Daylight is the savior

Daylight helps our body hormones to tackle the jet lag faster and helps to synchronize with the new timetable quickly. So the advice is to expose yourself as much as possible to sunlight.

You may love to eat, but your stomach can agree to disagree

Avoid any heavy meal before, during and just after the journey, to avoid any stomach upset.

Earplugs and eyeshades are your new Best Friend

If you perceive that your sleep during or after the flight at the new environment may hamper due to noise and light, then you should carry earplugs or headphones to eliminate possible noise and sleep mask or eyeshades to block excessive light. At the new place, you may feel more prone to light or sound as your sleep cycle has been disturbed.

These are simple tips to follow. But all those simple things can make or break your day. End of the day what matters is, did you win the deal?

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