Corporate travel management

Effortless business travel with unparalleled spending control and visibility

Using the web-based corporate travel management solution, you can automate most of your business travel program and save up to 22% on your travel and expense (T&E) budget.

Simplified travel procurement with the best-in-class corporate travel management solution

Whether it is travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfillment, invoicing, reporting, or duty of care, companies can rely on Atyourprice to make the process more streamlined.

Corporate travel management solution key features

Using the web-based corporate travel management solution, you can automate most of your business travel program and save up to 22% on your travel and expense (T&E) budget.

Effortless trip booking capabilities

Atyourprice’s booking engine is connected to all the major global travel suppliers, which will provide your team with the flexibility to instantly find, book, and issue tickets at your convenience. Notably, the corporate travel management solution allows direct access to consolidator websites, GDSs, airline & hotel reservation systems, car rental firms, etc., with real-time fares and inventory.

100% policy enforcement

Travel managers can use the corporate travel management solution to set policies based on designation, employee title, department, location, band, etc. As a result, companies can ensure that all their travel policies are followed.

Smooth approval workflow

Employees can use the corporate travel management solution to alert the person who approves the trip of all the details of the planned trip, including the necessity and the cost. Besides, the multi-level workflow ensures that the travelers get all the necessary permissions instantly and are on the same page as the approvers. The mobile-friendly site also makes it easy for travel managers and travelers to operate from anywhere they want.

Real-time dashboards

In real-time, travel managers can analyze the travel spend and gauge whether it adds value. In addition, since the corporate travel management solution accurately highlights any concern areas that might arise for the travel managers, they can use it to accurately determine the program’s effectiveness.

Personalized reports engine

Atyourprice corporate travel management software comes with a custom report engine that allows organizations to track the travel program’s effectiveness closely. Based on the highly analytical reports the organizations get, they can quantify losses that arise because of employee buying habits.

Real-time invoice and credit notes

Atyourprice can instantly generate credit notes. Also, it facilitates transparent billing by generating a comprehensive invoice for every transaction in real-time.

Contract management

Crucially, the corporate travel management platform lets travel managers upload all the negotiated local contracts and rates of vendors out of the solution into the same platform, where they can be accessed anytime by employees.

Corporate travel management solution for every use case

Atyourprice platform for managing corporate travel comes with seamless integration with human resource management (HRM) tools that allow for employee profile data and corresponding approval hierarchy to be updated in real-time.

Corporate travel management solution perks for employees

Employees travelling for business get:

Corporate travel management solution perks for travel managers

Travel managers in the organization get:

Corporate travel management solution perks for booking staff

The central bookers who handle the bookings for employees get:

Corporate travel management is no longer overwhelming

With Atyourprice, companies can streamline their entire business travel program and make the whole experience of booking the trip, managing the expenses, and enforcing travel policies a breeze.

Super-fast travel request processing

The solution allows for efficient handling of all your employees’ travel requests. Using the corporate travel management software, you can keep close track of details, such as the purpose of travel, accommodation, arrival/ departure dates, etc. Moreover, the travel requests can be viewed with real-time reports that categorize them based on approval status.

Closely manage the day-to-day expenses.

Employees can scan and upload their receipts. The OCR functionality then ensures that all the essential details are recorded and that the finance team can keep close track of it. In addition, the corporate travel management solution can be used to approve and reimburse expenses.

Powerful insights for smooth business travel

Atyourprice provides a single dashboard with all the crucial information you need. This includes vital stats, including travel requests, approval status, expenses, etc.

Visa and passport management

The corporate travel management solution allows you to maintain the essential travel documents of your employees. In addition, companies can also get other services, such as forex, insurance, etc., through the platform.

Powerful business travel management software at your fingertips

Unlock never before seen travel benefits with Atyourprice corporate travel management solution

Other notable features of our industry-leading corporate travel management solution

Year-round availability

With the corporate travel management solution, you can get even your emergency or last-minute travel request fulfilled. In addition, our team of dedicated consultants is available for 24x7x365 back-office support.

Single sign-on functionality

A single sign on tool, such as NT or AD server, is all you need to integrate our business travel solution through the company internet. Notably, the solution is highly secure; only authenticated users can access it.

Access from anywhere in the world

Atyourprice is easy to use and comes in the form of a web application that can be accessed from anywhere in the world based on the needs of your business travelers. Moreover, since it is hosted on robust and secure servers, you don’t have to worry about data security while using the corporate travel management solution.

Corporate social responsibility

Using the corporate travel management software, you can get a good idea of how much carbon emissions your business travel has caused. Then, you can use this calculation to offset the carbon emissions from your business travel through your CSR efforts.

Save big on your travel budget

Become one of the countless organizations using Atyourprice—the market-leading corporate travel management solution— to make the business travel process pain-free and transparent.

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